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There are many features that permanent tent homes offer that make them an appealing option for those looking for an alternative to traditional housing.
Permanent Tent Homes and Luxury tents can be built almost anywhere in the world

Come see the beautiful views that permanent tents have to offer

For starters, permanent tent homes are typically built in natural environments, providing residents with stunning views and a sense of connection to nature. Additionally, permanent tent homes are often designed to be highly energy-efficient, utilizing natural lighting and ventilation to reduce the need for artificial lighting and cooling.

A permanent tent is affordable and stylish

Permanent tent homes also tend to be much more affordable than traditional homes, making them a great option for those on a budget.

Whether you're looking at living outdoors or simply wanting to downsize and simplify your life, a permanent tent may be the perfect option for you.
Permanent Tent Homes in luxury built on a strong tent platform Boston Massachusetts
Permanent Tent Homes or Luxury tent house will include a bathroom in

Permanent tent homes offer sustainable living at its best

Finally, permanent tent homes offer a unique sense of freedom and flexibility that is not typically found in traditional housing options. A permanent tent offers occupants the ability to truly customize their living space to fit their specific needs and preferences.

Pursue your dreams and we'll help with the rest.

With their many features and benefits, a canvas tent house is an increasingly popular housing choice for those seeking something different.

Highlights and things to consider when you decide to permanently live in a tent!

Do you need a luxury tent repair kit?

Does the location need planning permission?

Where your water will come from?

Will your stand be off-grid or grid-connected to the municipality?

Are there wild animals in the area?

How many doors and windows do you need? What about your front door?

What are the municipal laws?

What about all year round weather? What about wind, rain and winter snow?
A luxury tent can be ordered and set up anywhere in the world

Living in a tent can help you achieve peace of mind

Most of us would like to get away from all this drama and just focus on what's important in the long run. Glamping Tents as a house can help you figure out your priorities so that the things in life that are significant don't slip by unnoticed. You'll realize soon enough - with a little tent-sitting practice, that luxury items or other stuff previously thought valuable aren’t really worth spending money on anymore! The change is amazing and the idea often makes people contact us.

Pursue your dreams and we'll help with the rest.

Why camp out? With its many features and benefits, a canvas tent house is an increasingly popular housing choice for those seeking something different.
A Long Term Tent or tent house is built strong in Clearwater Florida
World Leading Luxury Range of Glamping tents

A Lifestyle - livable tent is both durable and kind to the environment

You are in the right place! Imagine coming back from your latest adventure only to find the perfect place waiting for you. This is when life's adventures really get going. You can build our canvas tents almost anywhere with ease - they will fit right into any lifestyle.

Most people call it glamping or set up a wall tent permanently. Whatever your idea, our team of professionals would love nothing more than answer all questions from first aid kits to luxury home comforts for our livable tents.

Enjoy tents all year round for outdoor living, yoga studios or bonfires by the beach

Often the perception of using a camping tent is reserved for the hot summer months, but what about all year round? You can get a permanent tent for your outdoor adventures. We offer canvas tents for various weather conditions. Some are good for getting close to the wilderness and others good for a yoga studio. Getting closer to nature has never been so easy.

What is a permanent tent home?

Permanent tents are a type of building that may be used for living quarters, warehouses and storage spaces. These types of structures often have thicker canvas material which makes them more resistant to tearing or punctures than traditional wall tent options with canvas wrapping if needed. These tents come equipped with luxury amenities such as fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms!
A Giant tent or tent house is inviting in Derry New Hampshire

Live off the grid in a tent house, without sacrificing your comfort

Luxury and permanent tents are a great option for people who need more space or want to live in an Eco-friendly way. Our Luxury tents are fully equipped living spaces including kitchens, bedrooms and patios that come with the option to easily be shipped anywhere around the world! Ask us about Solar panels and containerized water purification.

In the winter, can you live in a tent?

It all depends on what type of tent and where it's located. Most tents are not winterized but may be heated with an electric heater or open fireplace; we also offer insulation for colder climates to keep warmth inside!
Tent Houses or luxury tents will include a bedroom in Lowell Massachusetts
World Leading Luxury Range of Glamping tents

How do you feel about platform tents?

Platform tents are similar to permanent structures as they provide you with all of the comforts and safety that living at home would offer. They also have unique features such as luxury fabrics, and furniture options for lounging around inside their spacious quarters or outside on your private decking area which is perfect if there's one tent large enough! This is the opposite of living in an apartment.

Livable tents that we have built before

AirBNB Tent house

Lodge tents

Luxury Glamping tents

Luxury canvas wall tent house

Semi permanent tent home with comforts

Let us help you capture those perfect great outdoors moments.

Adventure seekers, get your tent fix with Luxury Tents for Adventure Seekers! We offer a wide variety of safari tents and permanent tent home designs to suit any adventure-seeker's needs. Our products can be shipped anywhere in the world. Plan ahead with us and experience living in a tent house!

You can now have the best of both worlds with our luxurious glamping tents. Packed full-on adventure and comfort, you'll find that these glamping accommodations are perfect for anyone who loves camping but wants to experience some luxury too! We were founded by people just like yourself – passionate about creating a safe space where wilderness lovers alike come back time after time.
Permanent Tent Homes built anywhere in the world

Discover how our modern day tents can help you live with less and love more

If you're looking for a home that's more than just your average house, we have the perfect solution. Our permanent tent homes were derived from traditional safari tents and designed with intelligence in mind so as to keep both environment AND luxury considerations at heart--making these modern day retreats not only beautiful but practical too!

Get creative and build the best space for you at home or in nature.

We're not your average builders. We specialize in custom-built "live in a tent" tent house options that can be used anywhere on the planet! We offer semi-permanent and permanent tent home options. Maybe building a yoga studio over by the river or on a deck under the forest will work best? The possibilities are endless with how far this technology has gone already and what's still left to explore out there...
Luxury Safari tents designed to last and impress - lagoon safari tents
Permanent Tent Homes can have an outdoor shower in Wilmington MassachusettsLivable tents in luxury built on a strong tent platform Boston Massachusetts

What are the benefits of permanent tent homes?

For many people, a permanent tent home is the perfect solution to their housing needs. They enjoy being outdoors and having access 24/7 just like how animals do in nature! The benefits of living this lifestyle are numerous:

- Save money on construction costs.

- Safer than traditional homes in the event of a natural disaster.

- You'll be helping to save the environment.

- You'll be part of a new, innovative way of building homes.

- You can live in your tent permanently off the grid

- Cost-Effective, you'll be able to save money and worry less about your electric bill.

- Important things like recycle our products and help us save the earth.

- A livable tent is a clear way to improve your physical and mental health.

- Feel good about yourself for contributing to a small carbon footprint

- Enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

- Improved mood

- Reduced stress levels

- Reconnect with forest bathing and find peace in the wilderness.

- Enjoy the fresh, crisp air of the forest.

Durable tents for even the toughest terrain

ou must also really consider the size of your tent. From small to an extra-large living space, there are tents for every need! Other things you should consider when living in a tent is how durable you would like the walls and roof to be. Are you planning to build your tent on some tough terrain? What about night time lighting? Do you want to create an ambience or live minimally in your tent house? What about home comforts like taking showers, we can build lovely outdoor showers for you. Contact us to discuss your location, stand and luxury campers' needs.
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